A divorce can be an emotionally draining process. The people involved have to finalize issues which include child custody. These are things with may take months or even years. Until the divorce has been finalized, the parents reach an agreement for temporary arrangements with the help of the divorce lawyers.

Seeking child custody with the help of a family lawyer in Canberra

When two parties are going through a divorce, they will have a lawyer to assess them throughout the procedure. If one of them wants to take primary custody and the other is not seeking it they can get the visitation rights. When both the parents want to have the custody of the children, it might need additional time and could prolong the custody process.

It is during this process that one of the parents can get a temporary child custody agreement. However, it is important to keep the child’s interest as the top priority. It is the judge who will be determining the final custody order after the divorce is completed.

When one of the parents goes for the temporary child custody arrangement, they need to create and sign a written document. It is important to have everybody involved on board and the agreement should also cover the permanent custody and any other such important matters. There are several factors which can be included which would comprise of the physical schedule of the custody between the parents and also the statement of the legal custody. It is important where the child will be when one of the spouses might not be present to assist them and there will also be specific requirements for visitation rights.

When it comes to matter of a split custody it requires strict adherence to the rules concerning financial matters so as to ensure that no aspect of the child’s life is disturbed by the divorce. The loss of a job could result in obstacles in the way of the custody. If one of the parents needs to move to another state this could also create problems. There are times when each of the parties my have to put their life on hold until the divorce has been finalized.

The custody schedule for the visitation rights of each parents is decided by drafting an agreement. The legal matters regarding the custody and the different monetary support that is necessary is written down with the help of a family lawyer. The lawyer will go through the agreement and draft it in a way so that both the parents can have the details available.

It doesn’t matter whether the parents are separated or waiting for the divorce, it is the duty of the lawyer to involve them in custody matters which also includes joint temporary custody and visitation. During the mediation process, the lawyer is responsible for helping both the parties understand their rights and also provide them advise for future decision making.

Be sure to look for a family law firm in Canberra who will help put your child’s best interest at the forefront.