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In 2002 Comunico Group said its first word. We liked it so much, that after 16 years we have not stopped yet, and we are always looking for new stories to tell and new ways to do it.

Identity , digital and experience : to follow all the areas of communication we need many voices. That’s why our agency is organized in five specialized teams: brand identity , digital marketing , web , events , strategy .


Twenty-two professionals organized in specialized teams
A tested and certified ISO 9001: 2015 workflow by TÜV Germans
A location that is an incubator of ideas, where we combine creativity and strategy
A proactive approach that keeps the time of your business

Brand Awareness

Make your brand known even among digital communities, gaining a competitive advantage over direct and indirect competitors.

Social Media Management

Implementing Social Media Marketing strategies is essential for companies large and small, to make themselves known online.

Advertising Campaigns on Social Media



Let’s start from the basics! One of our Social Media Specialists will analyze and define with you the main objective of the Campaign and your reference Audience. We will build the campaign tailored to your business, proposing the best strategies and techniques to achieve the real goal: to generate the largest number of conversions.

The coordination and management of the Campaign is constantly shared with you through complete reports, for a clear and detailed overview of the activity. Scribox accompanies your Brand step by step to achieve the set goal.

Discover all the services of our Digital Agency!

Our tailor-made solutions are designed to meet all your needs: from content creation to translation, from SEO analysis to the management of social channels. We listen to your needs and offer you our best strategies!

Creating texts for the web

Creation of SEO friendly texts designed specifically to improve the presence of your company on the web.

SEO optimization

Creation of texts and SEO friendly contents, up to 360 degree SEO consultancy. Find out if your website is properly optimized!

Content Marketing

Creation of editorial content to acquire customers and improve your online business.

Social Media Marketing

Communication management on the main social networks.

E-Commerce Cards

Discover how to make original product sheets for your E-Commerce and optimized in SEO logic!


Translation and revision of texts in language with the collaboration of mother tongue professionals.

Our Client Testimonials


“The goals achieved together with Mamadigital make us satisfied both for the important results in terms of increased requests for distance adoptions, and for the great harmony developed with the agency team, which is anything but secondary in terms of results ”

Francesca Monteduro

Marketing & Fundraising officer of ActionAid Italia, ActionAid Italia

“Seriousness and competence, availability and constant support: these are the keywords of a multi-year collaboration that has allowed us to achieve shared objectives. People as well as professionals, this is the strength of the collaboration. ”

Davide Torrisi

Web Marketing Coordinator, Bocconi, Bocconi

“A careful and available technical staff, able to propose innovative solutions. These are the aspects to be highlighted in the collaboration with Mamadigital, in addition to the extraordinary ability to anticipate times and define creative and effective strategies. ”

Yigit Evren Aktekin

Ecommerce Manager, Terranova, Terranova

Quality management system certified 

Only in this way is it possible for us to give life, every year, to more than 30 large and small projects, which we manage with professionalism and a  quality management system certified ISO 9001: 2015 by the German TÜV. In addition to this, we are also  Google Premier Partners and HubSpot Partners .

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Digital Marketing Brisbane-The Advantages of digital marketing

Digital Marketing Brisbane-The Advantages of digital marketing

With the rise in mobile users looking for businesses online, it’s no wonder that digital marketing is an essential tool for any small business. There are quite a few benefits to digital marketing which seem to prevail on a daily basis. As Forbes magazine points out that around 82% of the users look for a product online before actually purchasing it.

Using the right digital marketing tactics can help effectively reach consumers and help engage them better. As people tend to spend more of their cash online, the right online marketing strategies are essential for all businesses no matter big or small. It is also one of the most cost effective ways of reaching out to consumers.

The following are few reasons why digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools which businesses can use:

  • Digital marketing allows businesses to reach out to their consumers in the most engaging manner possible. The use of social media has helped business increase their sale to quite an extent. The biggest example if of the Ecommerce companies which found their sales increase to 714% in the past three months only with the help of using social media.
  • When a company employs a digital marketing agency in Brisbane, it can help them gain a wider audience in a most cost effective manner. Small businesses have a limited budget. That’s why relying on the traditional forms of advertising is not for them. The limited budget though can be utilized for digital marketing in Brisbane. Businesses tend to get ore then they spend when they rely on online marketing tactics.
  • While it’s true that SEO, social media marketing and blog writing do take some time to show results but the results are often always successful. On the other hand there are also some other techniques like pay per click or display ads which can work quicker results. It all depends upon what the digital marketing agency works at for different business.
  • Also it is one of the most measurable forms of marketing. Any of the tactics used in digital marketing can be measured. The analytics can help you get rid of the guess work that whether those tactics are working or not. The best way to do so is to measure the digital marketing campaigns in real time. This helps know which of the tactics employed re working and which of those are not. This in turn helps businesses allocate their budget more effectively.
  • Digital marketing allows business to target their ideal audience. Billboard advertising is more like a shot in the dark. You don’t know who it’s going to reach out to. On the other hand digital marketing employs use of strategic long tail keywords. Now only the people who are searching for those specific goods or product are the ones who would click on your website thus giving way to quality traffic. Digital marketing ensures that the right kind of people view your website. It’s easier to reach these consumers with the help of right SEO techniques.
  • People always turn to Google to search for any of the product they are looking for. They want to learn all there is to about a specific products or service. Quality content regarding the business can help gain the attention of the right consumers. This allows a good opportunity for smaller businesses to connect with their audience and let them know more about the services which they offer.

Brisbane digital marketing by Edge Marketing can offer you all of these benefits and more.

Finding the best IT services in Melbourne

Finding the best IT services in Melbourne

All innovative businesses need to have the right kind of IT support. It is up to the management at the company to invest in their own IT support department or outsource IT services to a third party. If you are a new startup and looking for Melbourne IT services, make sure to keep the following things in mind before you hire.

You need to focus on finding an IT service which not only provides the right applications for the business but also provides the right kind of cyber security. In fact internet theft has become so common that businesses loose thousands to millions of dollars in cash.

It is always a wise decision to hire third party IT services. This is because they are well equipped to deal in a vast number of genres. Looking for someone to design the perfect website? Someone who could help keep the data safe? Or simply looking for IT support for various apps which could help manage and control your business?

In order to find the right Melbourne IT services, make sure to keep the following things in mind.

  • Check their credibility. Get to know how many IT managers they have on board and what their qualifications are. You need to make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job. Those who offer you quick service and help improve the productivity of your business through their services. The right IT support would not only help you evaluate the current situation of your business but also provide a strategy to improve your business.
  • Do they provide services twenty four seven? Are they always open to your queries? It is important that you have IT support that you can rely on. Someone who helps makes things easier for you and your business. For most small businesses it is important to rely on third party IT support.
  • Ask them if they could provide you with references. Any clients they could lead you to? What kind of services have they provided for them in the past? A company which has an open policy and is clear about their services is the one you should go for. This is because they are proud of what they have achieved for their clients. Also make sure to check out their service ratings. Someone with a good service rating always does a great job. You could go a step further and even talk to previous clients about their experience with the IT services.
  • Would they be able to offer you a long term IT strategy? Provide you with the right kind of apps and also offer the right kind of data security? This would allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your business. Choose wisely and you would be able to see the results soon.

The IT service which you choose would have a major impact on the productivity of your business. This is why it’s important to keep all the above mentioned things in mind when looking for Melbourne IT services.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Necessary for Your Business

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Necessary for Your Business

If you have started or are in the process of starting a brand, you definitely need a social media management for the purpose. No matter what you say, having social media presence is necessary. No matter if you’re selling a product or a service, you definitely need some online presence that is able to engage people from around the world.

Following are a few reasons why having social media marketing Adelaide is absolutely necessary for your brand:

1. Establishing an Online Presence

Every brand needs to have an online presence. Most of the people using internet are doing so through their mobile phones and want to engage with their favorite brands to feel they are being valued and cared for. You need to have an online presence for all the smartphones and those who want to enjoy looking for things online instead of heading to the markets and going out.

2. Engagement with the Potential Customers

It is important to understand that not every customer is going to walk into your shop to make a direct purchase. Rather, every person wants to see some pages or accounts first and engage with you to then finalize their purchase. Having social media pages and marketing done is just what you need.

3. Global or Limited Reach

While not everyone is going to walk into your shop, your online marketing can definitely help you reach a wider or a more restricted audience as per your choices. So for example, if you want to show your digital ad to only a few people of your town, you can do so. On the other hand, an ad running on the television is like a spillover that is not needed. You can also target multiple countries without having to spend too much money on purchasing media airtime from different countries.

4. Cost effectiveness

Instead of buying airtime on television for your ads to run, you can simply use your limited budgets for cost effective methods of digital ad running globally or restricted to one or more countries. This is a very cost effective and easy method of reaching out to the potential customers who are looking for a person or brand who sells just what they need but do not watch television or purchase magazines.

5. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Social media is where customers are able to interact in realtime with their brands and service providers. In order to ensure they are being responded to on time and are willing to enjoy a great relationship building, you will be able to enjoy more customers who are ready to communicate and talk to your brand and eventually become loyal customers. Because people in the world are constantly online and interacting through their mobile phones and your marketing comes in handy.

Social Media Marketing: it’s time to live social media.

Enable Social Media in the Company: a cultural evolution

If it is true that almost nine US companies out of 10 (with at least 100 employees) will use Social Media in 2015 to set up new marketing strategies, in Italy the situation can not be considered so optimistic. On the one hand, we have large companies, with considerable budgets, resources, vision and know-how, on the other, thousands of small, medium and micro businesses looking for low-cost marketing actions and with immediately perceptible returns.

And here’s a sore point, to believe that Social Media marketing is synonymous with low-cost marketing.

Surely compared to other forms of advertising costs less, but (there is always a but) everything depends on what is meant by social media marketing and what benchmarks are adopted.

Consider that, to produce tangible results, the social media marketig can not be limited to creating a page on Facebook where to share a content from time to time.

A good social media marketing plan will have to consider numerous social channels, through which to share valuable content, information, reception and management of user conversations. We are talking about an important investment in terms of time and resources, the involvement of the company in its entirety, therefore not at all cheap.

In fact one of the main obstacles to be faced, once the company has decided to seriously approach Social Media, concerns the skills of the employees. Enabling social media in the company is a cultural step that can destabilize the usual working patterns and a rethinking of the concept of company leadership. The ideal would be a generation of entrepreneurs and managers who could become activators and promoters of the connection between people , a new form of knowledge sharing, aimed at creating new relationships, skills and aware participation.

It is on this field that the challenge of Social Media would then be played, the concept of  Corporate Social Media that involves having to interact to share the contents to be published , thus greater sense of belonging transparency and sociality at all levels, online and offline. .

Social Media Marketing and Companies: where does the dialogue start?

Companies are asking themselves: where to start? How to understand what customers think of us, even compared to competitors? Where to intercept conversations? How to predict if a product will be successful or not? And above all, how to engage customers in order to improve image and business?

And this is where we have to give an answer.

Listening, first of all. Monitor conversations, understand needs and needs . All this before involving users directly. It will be essential to study a communication that puts us on the same level, which promotes empathy, active involvement. Only in this way will the user become our satisfied customer, the ambassador of our product on Social.

This step will make our customers Partners to all the effects of our project , as they will contribute with their knowledge, ideas, suggestions to the evolution of the product itself, increasing awareness through word of mouth .

Approaching Social channels, with studied and targeted strategies, adds to the company an unimaginable value only a few years ago. Once again, the challenge will be played on the ability of companies to evolve culturally , innovate processes and encourage training, then internal skills, change strategies, roles and responsibilities. Indispensable must be the change of existing models and language, we must adopt appropriate behavior to the world ‘social’, then transparency, comparison, sharing, dialogue, consistency.

Are you a company that is preparing to land on social media? How are you setting up your strategy? Would you like to have an expert on Social Media Marketing?

But are social media really low-cost?

Online social media tools are completely free and users have the opportunity to join virtual communities in no time and at no cost. In the case of companies, the situation is a bit ‘different: registration is still, even for businesses, absolutely free and fast, but companies that want to use social media for marketing must still bear costs to allow the use of these tools gives the desired results; the costs to be incurred may vary by type and entity.

Companies are free to choose the way they want to use social media: using low-cost social media marketing is absolutely possible and with little money, for example to buy a computer or to record an amateur video from share on YouTube, a business can afford to be online and share content with users. However, in order to be truly competitive, the company must equip itself with a solid and competent operating structure, both in the case in which it exploits social media for individual advertising campaigns, and in the case of continued management over time of social tools. To make this possible,

The first costs that the company is required to support are those related to the organization of a staff dedicated to the management of social media consisting of experts in new media, advertising graphics or PR, as well as an experienced manager able to set a winning strategy . Both in the case of external consultants and a division within the company, these costs relating to employees must not be underestimated before choosing to use social media: on average, Italian companies dedicate 1.6 employees to the management of social media.

Other important costs are those incurred for large advertising campaignsthrough channels like YouTube: it is not important how much it cost the creation of a video published on YouTube to become the protagonist of a fast and viral sharing among online users, but some companies choose to make videos in a professional manner through specialized recording studios. The costs related to the creation of such videos may vary according to the needs of the company: a strategy could be that of not buying advertising space on television to make advertising videos to be shared online, supporting costs that are however considerable but lower than those that would be incurred using traditional communication channels. Advertising campaigns that are launched through social media can also involve costs,

Some companies incur costs to allow their employees to take external specialization courses on social media or to organize one internally, in order to have the opportunity to use trained and specialized personnel. Moreover, social media are in any case tools that refer to information technology and, for their use, computers and internet connection are therefore necessary, which entail a basic cost to be sustained always and in any case.

Finally, there are IT tools that can monitor the activity of their users on social media and provide statistics that can inform the company about the results obtained from social media marketing and, these tools, generally involve costs for the company . Some software also allow you to control what users say about their company within social media, to get more effective results, fast and accurate than those that could be obtained by searching for feedback manually, channel by channel. Additional costs must be borne by companies that decide to take advantage of advertising within social media .

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