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In 2002 Comunico Group said its first word. We liked it so much, that after 16 years we have not stopped yet, and we are always looking for new stories to tell and new ways to do it.

Identity , digital and experience : to follow all the areas of communication we need many voices. That’s why our agency is organized in five specialized teams: brand identity , digital marketing , web , events , strategy .


Twenty-two professionals organized in specialized teams
A tested and certified ISO 9001: 2015 workflow by TÜV Germans
A location that is an incubator of ideas, where we combine creativity and strategy
A proactive approach that keeps the time of your business

Brand Awareness

Make your brand known even among digital communities, gaining a competitive advantage over direct and indirect competitors.

Social Media Management

Implementing Social Media Marketing strategies is essential for companies large and small, to make themselves known online.

Advertising Campaigns on Social Media



Let’s start from the basics! One of our Social Media Specialists will analyze and define with you the main objective of the Campaign and your reference Audience. We will build the campaign tailored to your business, proposing the best strategies and techniques to achieve the real goal: to generate the largest number of conversions.

The coordination and management of the Campaign is constantly shared with you through complete reports, for a clear and detailed overview of the activity. Scribox accompanies your Brand step by step to achieve the set goal.

Discover all the services of our Digital Agency!

Our tailor-made solutions are designed to meet all your needs: from content creation to translation, from SEO analysis to the management of social channels. We listen to your needs and offer you our best strategies!

Creating texts for the web

Creation of SEO friendly texts designed specifically to improve the presence of your company on the web.

SEO optimization

Creation of texts and SEO friendly contents, up to 360 degree SEO consultancy. Find out if your website is properly optimized!

Content Marketing

Creation of editorial content to acquire customers and improve your online business.

Social Media Marketing

Communication management on the main social networks.

E-Commerce Cards

Discover how to make original product sheets for your E-Commerce and optimized in SEO logic!


Translation and revision of texts in language with the collaboration of mother tongue professionals.

Our Client Testimonials


“The goals achieved together with Mamadigital make us satisfied both for the important results in terms of increased requests for distance adoptions, and for the great harmony developed with the agency team, which is anything but secondary in terms of results ”

Francesca Monteduro

Marketing & Fundraising officer of ActionAid Italia, ActionAid Italia

“Seriousness and competence, availability and constant support: these are the keywords of a multi-year collaboration that has allowed us to achieve shared objectives. People as well as professionals, this is the strength of the collaboration. ”

Davide Torrisi

Web Marketing Coordinator, Bocconi, Bocconi

“A careful and available technical staff, able to propose innovative solutions. These are the aspects to be highlighted in the collaboration with Mamadigital, in addition to the extraordinary ability to anticipate times and define creative and effective strategies. ”

Yigit Evren Aktekin

Ecommerce Manager, Terranova, Terranova

Quality management system certified 

Only in this way is it possible for us to give life, every year, to more than 30 large and small projects, which we manage with professionalism and a  quality management system certified ISO 9001: 2015 by the German TÜV. In addition to this, we are also  Google Premier Partners and HubSpot Partners .

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Why Should Real Estate Agencies Invest in Real Estate Video Production?

Why Should Real Estate Agencies Invest in Real Estate Video Production?

Real estate video production involves using videos to showcase a real estate property, including a home, commercial property, or apartment. The primary purpose of real estate video production is to market and sell the property. In most cases, real estate video production is mainly used by real estate professionals like brokers and agents to market a real estate property to prospective customers and renters.

During real estate video production, the videos used include elements and features of the real estate properties, including the interior and exterior footage, voiceovers, music, or narration of the real estate. The videos may also include any other additional information that the real estate agents would like to share with the potential customers, including the location, amenities, size, and features of the properties they are marketing and selling.

Fortunately, real estate videos can be shared on social media, websites, and online real estate listings. Also, consider using the videos you make in your real estate video production in marketing and presentation materials. In short, real estate video production can be applied in different ways, which makes it perfect for real estate professionals.

If you are a real estate agent but have yet to consider investing in real estate video production, you must find out why investing in real estate videos is essential for your line of duty. To get the answers to your question, you should read the following section.

Reasons Why Real Estate Video Production is Important for Real Estate Agencies

Real estate video production has many benefits for real estate agencies. You may not know what you are missing if you haven’t tried using these videos. After learning why real estate video production impacts real estate agencies, you will also want to invest in real estate videos. The following are some reasons why real estate video production is crucial for real estate professionals;

  • It increases engagement

Engaging with prospective buyers and renters is crucial for all real estate agents. However, it is one of their most challenging things to achieve. Real Estate videos can help you engage with potential renters and buyers since videos keep the renters and buyers interested in the property. Also, showcasing your property’s features, amenities, and benefits makes potential buyers and renters more compelled and interactive.

  • Videos offer better representation

One of the things that will attract prospective buyers and renters to your property is the appearance of the property, which is always represented in the videos you produce on your real estate property. Unlike text information on real estate, video content usually perfectly represents your property. They can also capture the property’s accurate size, features, and layout. The ability of the videos to provide potential buyers and renters precise representation of your property increases the sales of your real estate properties.

  • Greater reach

The good thing about real estate videos is that they attract the attention of so many viewers and can be shared across different social media platforms. Therefore the chances of your real estate videos reaching a more significant target population is very high. The greater reach offered by real estate videos also enhances the visibility of your real estate property.

  • Enhances efficiency

The use of real estate video production in real estate also enhances efficiency. This is because potential buyers and renters can view the property you are marketing and selling from their office or home. This means you do not have to take them to the property’s location, which saves you so much time. Also, real estate video production ensures that buyers and renters can access your real estate property at any time, enhancing the efficiency of your services.

Real estate video production comes with so many benefits to real estate agencies. Therefore, if you feel it’s time to reap the above benefits, you should consider getting a real estate video production company to help you. There are many affordable real estate video production packages with specific features that you can choose from. When working with professionals, you can produce quality, reliable and compelling videos on your real estate property.

When is it necessary to retain family lawyers?

When is it necessary to retain family lawyers?

Lawyers who focus on issues that impact families include family lawyers. As a result, you can rely on them anytime your family is experiencing a difficult moment, when you are making crucial family decisions, or if you simply need some assistance as a family because they have a thorough understanding of family law.  You should be aware that there are various family lawyers to choose from in Sydney, and you must take care to select the best family lawyer. Many people find finding the best family lawyers to be challenging, especially if it’s their first time.

However, choosing the best family lawyer from among the many that you come across in Sydney will be simpler if you are aware of what you are looking for in a family lawyer. Additionally, knowing the area of expertise of the family lawyers you require enables you to make sure that you have access to family lawyers that can assist you with your legal needs.

To make tackling any marriage issues you need to handle correctly easier, it is always good to have some family lawyers who can be by your side whenever you need legal assistance. This post will address your questions about when you might need family lawyers in Sydney.

When managing a divorce

Typically, this is one of the most challenging moments in a married person’s life. This is due to the fact that you are expected to handle the divorce in a mature manner while also making sure that you are situated in your new home promptly and that your children are not negatively impacted by the divorce.  Since most people never think that they will experience a divorce in their lifetime, they frequently need a lot of counselling and guidance.  The top family lawyers will make the divorce process easier for you because they can provide both representation in court and advice. You could also resolve your divorce out of court with the help of family lawyers.

Distributing wills and legacies

Most people draft a will before passing away so they can leave their possessions to their children and grandchildren.  They want all of their property to be managed, even while they are not there.  In order to guarantee that you make the best drafts of your will, you must always get the assistance of your family lawyers. Additionally, because you will be present to witness the administration of your estates when you pass away, the family lawyers will make sure that they are handled properly.

Throughout a child visitation arrangement

When married individuals divorce or split, they must decide who will stay with and look for the children.  As a result, after your divorce or separation, you’ll need the assistance of family lawyers in Sydney to form an agreement with conditions you can live with.  Additionally, you can ask the family lawyers to assist you in revising the draft of the child custody arrangements you established in the past.

Adopting a child or children

Adopting a child demonstrates your compassion, but it’s crucial that you do so legally. To ensure a smooth process and to obtain the child you need to adopt legally, you must make sure that you have family lawyers who deal with child adoption issues.

If you ever find yourself in any of the situations listed above, don’t hesitate to call Stone Group Family Law Lawyers in Sydney for legal assistance.

Finding a family lawyer in Canberra to help you with child custody

Finding a family lawyer in Canberra to help you with child custody

A divorce can be an emotionally draining process. The people involved have to finalize issues which include child custody. These are things with may take months or even years. Until the divorce has been finalized, the parents reach an agreement for temporary arrangements with the help of the divorce lawyers.

Seeking child custody with the help of a family lawyer in Canberra

When two parties are going through a divorce, they will have a lawyer to assess them throughout the procedure. If one of them wants to take primary custody and the other is not seeking it they can get the visitation rights. When both the parents want to have the custody of the children, it might need additional time and could prolong the custody process.

It is during this process that one of the parents can get a temporary child custody agreement. However, it is important to keep the child’s interest as the top priority. It is the judge who will be determining the final custody order after the divorce is completed.

When one of the parents goes for the temporary child custody arrangement, they need to create and sign a written document. It is important to have everybody involved on board and the agreement should also cover the permanent custody and any other such important matters. There are several factors which can be included which would comprise of the physical schedule of the custody between the parents and also the statement of the legal custody. It is important where the child will be when one of the spouses might not be present to assist them and there will also be specific requirements for visitation rights.

When it comes to matter of a split custody it requires strict adherence to the rules concerning financial matters so as to ensure that no aspect of the child’s life is disturbed by the divorce. The loss of a job could result in obstacles in the way of the custody. If one of the parents needs to move to another state this could also create problems. There are times when each of the parties my have to put their life on hold until the divorce has been finalized.

The custody schedule for the visitation rights of each parents is decided by drafting an agreement. The legal matters regarding the custody and the different monetary support that is necessary is written down with the help of a family lawyer. The lawyer will go through the agreement and draft it in a way so that both the parents can have the details available.

It doesn’t matter whether the parents are separated or waiting for the divorce, it is the duty of the lawyer to involve them in custody matters which also includes joint temporary custody and visitation. During the mediation process, the lawyer is responsible for helping both the parties understand their rights and also provide them advise for future decision making.

Be sure to look for a family law firm in Canberra who will help put your child’s best interest at the forefront.

Five Ways of Securing Evidence Collected by Body-Worn Cameras

Body-worn cameras have brought a whole new perspective to evidence collection. It is now quick and easy for law enforcement to capture evidence on cameras as the incidents unfold unlike in the past where the officers need to note down what they see in detail.

Body-worn cameras allow the officer to gather all evidence he requires that would be analysed later on. The video evidence stored on the cameras must be protected at all costs to avoid being manipulated. The following are ways in which the evidence in body cameras can be protected:

Protecting the evidence on the body-worn cameras

  • Using encrypted gadgets

Considering the value of the evidence collected on the body camera, not even the officer that recorded the evidence should be allowed to manipulate the data. As such, there is a need to use strongly encrypted devices that require administrator permission to open. Think of it this way, if the officers are allowed to access the evidence at will, what will stop them from deleting the parts that could land them into problems? So encrypting the cameras is very important.

  • Providing a full audit trail

An audit trail can help in analysing all the activities that the officer did on the camera including the timestamps for each recording when the camera was turned on/off, the files that were deleted, and so on. Such information can help in recovering the deleted or hidden pieces of evidence. The audit trail feature should be well secured to prevent officers from manipulating them.

  • Remove deletion/editing features on the camera

It would be best if the body-worn cameras lack the deletion and editing features to prevent the officer from manipulating the data. The only thing that the officer should be allowed to do on the camera is to turn on, save the data, and turn off the camera. The remaining privileges should only be assigned to the administrators who are in charge of analysing the videos.

  • Auto deletion of footage

You cannot store all the evidence on the camera as it will fill up the memory space. So once the administrators have transferred the evidence to another device, the camera should be able to auto-delete the videos in a given period, let us say after one month. This also helps to protect data on the camera while availing space for new videos.

  • Able to retain important footage

Another crucial feature of the body-worn camera is the ability to retain crucial footage. This can be achieved by placing a mark on the footage that the system understands and will not auto-delete when the time comes. This is important for the evidence that is required for a longer duration. Buy top of the range body worn video camera that have this feature.

Important things to consider when using body-worn cameras

There are a few things that need consideration when using body-worn cameras. The following are the main factors:

Storage costs – You realise that storing all the videos collected from the body cameras can be so expensive. You need to find the best storage plan that will use fewer resources efficiently. One of the best techniques for storing digital data is through cloud storage.

Whether the public should get access to the recordings – Depends on the nature of the case. You should only avail footage that will not result in violation of privacy and such.

Samsung phone repairs services that Samsung repair shops offer today

Samsung is among the major smartphone manufacturing industries today in the world. Samsung phones have innovative features, and this is among the reasons most people are investing in Samsung phones. Whenever you buy a Samsung phone, you will realise that the prices of these phones are not low compared to most of the phones you find in the market today.

Samsung phones repairs services are available today

Whenever you buy Samsung phones, you must find out whether there are some Samsung repair services that you can get whenever your phone has some problems. This is to make sure that you don’t invest in a phone that cannot be repaired in any case if it develops some severe or minor problems. Not all phones can be repaired, but with Samsung phones, some of the issues are repairable. The following are the Samsung phone repair services available today for you if you use a Samsung phone.

  • Broken screens

Your phone screen is among the essential parts of your phone, which means that it must be intact. However, the screen is also among the most delicate parts, which is why when your Samsung phone falls, it may develop some cracks, which may make operating your phone very stressful. Fortunately, when you take your phone to any Samsung phone repair shop, you will find someone to help you repair the broken screen.

  • Charging port repair

 Are you tired of waiting for your phone to charge the whole day because the charging phone is experiencing some problems? Have you been holding your phone at a specific angle for it to charge? Do you know what the problem is with your charging port? In most cases, you’re experiencing issues because your charging port is very loose, or you may be plugging your phone charger in, but the phone is not getting any charge. Samsung phones can be fixed whenever they are experiencing charging port issues. All you have to do is select the best mobile phone repairs provider.

  • Liquid damage repairs

 When your Samsung phone falls, it may end up in a ditch or a bathtub, which will get wet. In such a case, your phone may die, which means that you need to take it to an expert who will offer you Samsung liquid damage repair services. They will remove any liquid in the Samsung phone, ensuring that your phone gets back to life once more.

  • Earpiece and mouthpiece repairs.

Suppose you have problems hearing the person calling you or cannot hear you. Your phone is having some earpiece and mouthpiece problems. When this happens with your Samsung phone, you can solve the problem by having an expert at a Samsung phone repair shop repair these parts of your phone.

  • Camera repairs

The other type of repair service you may need when using your Samsung phone is camera repair services. This may be because your cameras are broken, or they are shooting blurry photos. With the best Samsung phone repairs experts, the problem will be fixed.

Why repair your Samsung phones?

If you have a Samsung phone experiencing the above problems and wonder whether you should fix the issues or buy a new phone, you need not worry more. There are different reasons why you should fix the issues your phone is having rather than buying a new one which includes:

  • You get to continue using your existing phone without losing any documents, messages, videos, or photographs
  • Repairing a phone is cheaper than buying a new phone
  • It gives you peace of mind since you do not have to begin learning how to use another phone

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